WELCOME! Deciding to make Jesus part of your life is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make! Jesus loves you very much, and He’s had a special plan for your life since the beginning. As you enter this new phase of your life, you probably have a lot of questions. You’re not alone! Every person who has chosen to follow Jesus, no matter how young or old, has been where you are. This booklet was created to help you find answers and navigate this exciting new journey. If you have a Bible, you’ll want to become familiar with it is an important first step as a Christian. If you don’t have one, ask our church and we would be happy to help you. Just like with anything new in life, you have to start somewhere. Today is the day you begin learning how to trust and follow Jesus.


Becoming close to God requires building a relationship with Him. And like with any friend, building a relationship with God means things like talking to Him, spending time with Him, and learning more about Him. People who have a relationship with God, through Jesus, are called Christians. And now, you’re a Christian! One of the first things a new Christian needs to do is to carve out time in your day to spend with God. That time should be spent in daily prayer and Bible study so that you can begin to discover what’s important to Him. Every time you pray and read your Bible, your relationship with God will deepen.
Prayer is a core part of your spiritual journey and relationship with God. When you pray, you’re simply talking to God and listening for Him to talk to you. You may think that because you’re talking to God, your prayer needs to sound fancy. It doesn’t. One way to start your new practice of daily prayer is by simply telling God what is on your mind and being open to His response. Some Christians pray quietly while others are loud; some close their eyes while others keep them open; some Christians like to kneel in prayer while others stand. Don’t worry about the physical mechanics of prayer. Just focus on talking with God in a way that is comfortable for you.
Communication is a two-way street and you can be sure that God will respond. Sometimes God responds through reminding you of Bible verses you’ve read. Other times He may speak quietly by bringing thoughts to your mind. His response can also be more of a feeling or a change of heart. The more you pray, the more you will learn to hear how God speaks to you. God often speaks to us through His word, the Bible. The Bible is a compilation of writings that God inspired His followers to write, collect, and pass on. Sometimes it’s called God’s Word because it’s God’s message to all people. The Bible is full of history, wisdom, and instructions to help guide you through life. The Bible is so helpful, you should spend some time reading it daily. Of course, you won’t read the entire Bible in a week. You have your entire life to read and reread God’s Word. When you read and study God’s Word, Scripture becomes a part of you. You’ll be surprised how God will use memorized Scriptures to speak to your heart in times of need.


Don’t go it alone! Christians can spiritually learn and grow better together. One place that this happens is at church. A church is a place where Christians gather to do things like hang out, sing, and learn more about the Bible. Church is a great way to interact with other Christians. Think of Christianity as a team sport. The more you grow and spend time together, the better you’ll be able to work together toward common goals. When you start something new, it’s good to have support. If you’ve ever played a sport, you understand the importance of having a good coach. A good coach will instruct and encourage you so that you become better over time. The same is true for a spiritual mentor. A spiritual mentor is someone, maybe a pastor or mature Christian friend, who can instruct and encourage you as you become more like Jesus. Finding someone to fill this role in your life is vital.


When you asked Jesus into your heart, you gave God permission to lead and guide your decisions. Imagine going skydiving. If you’re new to the sport, or fear falling thousands of feet alone, you’ll want an instructor. A skydiving instructor’s job is to keep you on course and safe. To ensure safety, the instructor will attach to the student. A good instructor knows how to maneuver the parachute and cords to have a successful jump. If you trust your instructor, you can relax in the knowledge that someone else is in control and overseeing your experience. When you declare Jesus as Lord, you are declaring that you will rest in His capable hands and allow Him to lead and guide you.
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