College and Career



Sunday mornings at 9:30am


Room 104 in the main building. Just look for the room with the donuts!

Who We Are

Making the move from student ministries to adult ministries after high school can be tough.
  One week you’re in a class with your friends – the next week you’re in class with your mom.  Or grandma.  That can feel a little strange.  Well, we have the answer, the College and Career Disciple Life group with Joey and Katie Cabay. 
College and Career is for those who have graduated high school and moved on to college life or the workplace.  This is a unique stage of life and the Cabays invest their hearts and prayers into helping young adults navigate it with faith and confidence.  Deep Bible teaching, a strong sense of community, and a lot of love and support make this group the perfect transition after high school. 
The College and Career group meets each Sunday morning at 9:30am for Bible teaching during the Disciple Life hour.  They also meet regularly just to hang out, build relationships, and have fun.  If you, or someone you know, is looking for a place to plug in after high school, College and Career is a great place to be. Contact the church office for more info!